Studio 2 M4 Where I live Vert Lesson 1

Whole lesson power point presentation and handout on Saying what type of house you live in and where; Using Je voudrais + infinitive to say where you’d like to live; talking about where someone else lives.

Lesson activities include:

  • Recapping the present tense. Students then conjugate the verb habiter for all subjects.
  • Introducing vocabulary related to types of houses. Students translate into English.
  • Listening task: Students listen to six people talking about what type of house they live in. They identify each speaker according to the pictures.
  • Introducing the structure je voudrais + infinitive (habiter) and places where people would like to live.
  • Reading task: Students match the expressions they came across in the previous task to the corresponding pictures.
  • Reading translation task: Students now translate the phrases about housing location into English.
  • Listening task: Students listen to five people talking about where they live, where they would like to live and why. They complete a table with the details in English.
  • Speaking task: Working in pairs students ask and answer where they live and where they would like to live. They change the underlined phrases in the model dialogue.
  • Writing task: Students write a small paragraph on where they live and where they’d like to live. Sentence starters are provided.
  • Reading task: Students read five texts about where some celebrity characters live and identify the people being described, by matching them to the correct pictures.
  • Writing task: Students choose a celebrity or a character and write sentences to describe where he/she lives. Sentence starters are supplied.
  • Speaking task: Students read their description from the previous exercise to a classmate, who tries to guess who it is.

Suitable for KS2 and KS3 French teachers. The lesson is planned in detail to ensure pace and interaction as well as maximise learning. The answers come up as you click. Based on the Studio 2 Vert Course.

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