An introduction to counting to encourage children to use maths in their play and to say and use number names in order in familiar contexts.


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Created: Oct 13, 2007

Updated: Nov 18, 2012

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    user avatarJoanne H5 years agoreport

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    Great planning - thank you! I will share this via Twitter @TESEarlyYears in the coming week

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    Thank you. Thank you!

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    user avatarezm9 years agoreport

    Good simple addition or subtraction activity . thanks, a well thought out whole class activity that will prompt lots of imaginative play in a supermarket role play are.

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    user avatarheathery9 years agoreport

    Thankyou for sharing. Thankyou for sharing your planning and ideas I will be adapting this for my children - I like the song as easy for the children to recite! Thankyou!