Teachers TV: Primary Special Needs: Differentiation

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In ‘Primary Special Needs’, see practical steps taken by Kingston Park Primary School, Newcastle, to ensure that special needs pupils are included and performing their best.

In their pursuit of inclusion, staff take great care over their vocabulary, avoiding terms like 'unit' or 'special needs rooms'. Attention is paid to pupil grouping and pairing, with SEN pupils matched with other pupils to their mutual benefit. The school has also pioneered a smart system of planning, involving splitting pupils into three bands, with an extra column for pupils with special needs.

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CreatedMar 15, 2010
UpdatedJan 13, 2015

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    user avatarshakila22 years agoReport

    great idea to blend and use the G&T

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    user avatarasmamartin3 years agoReport

    I really loved this video ! It is a perfect setting for teaching such children.

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    user avatarbk155 years agoReport

    Great ideas for successful differentiation at primary level.