Teachers TV: The Montessori Method

The Montessori Method still deeply divides the education world. While Montessorians are evangelical about the effectiveness of the method, others see it as mystical or outdated, or only for the privileged few. But the associations with privilege couldn’t be further from the vision of its founder Maria Montessori. Her philosophy grew from her work with children in the slums and today the Montessori International Association is operating in some of the poorest and most challenging areas of the world. While in Holland and America Montessori has been established as part of the state school system right through to secondary level, here in the UK Montessori has traditionally remained only in the private sector. But now, in Gorton Mount Primary in Manchester, Headteacher Carol Powell has gained funding for Montessori training for her teachers and introduced the methods for Early Years and KS1. How are they combining the Montessori method with their own working practice?


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