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14 (10 to buy, 4 free) two minute tooth brushing ppts with differentiated questions, answers and activities. Animated. Written by a dentist, aiming to follow the latest PHE guidelines, helping kids save their smiles!

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7-11yrs Teeth eruption charts, when do baby teeth erupt and fall out and when do adult teeth erupt? In slide chart format.
Y 5 KS2 : Pupils should be taught to: describe the changes as humans develop to old age.
Pictograph, making and reading graphs and charts. Analysing and presenting data.
Types of teeth: molar premolar incisor canine.

Statutory requirements
Pupils should be taught to:
 notice that animals, including humans, have offspring which grow into adults
Notes and guidance (non-statutory)
Pupils should be introduced to the basic needs of animals for survival, as well as the
importance of exercise and nutrition for humans. They should also be introduced to the
processes of reproduction and growth in animals. The focus at this stage should be on
questions that help pupils to recognise growth; they should not be expected to
understand how reproduction occurs.
Science – key stages 1 and 2
Notes and guidance (non-statutory)
The following examples might be used: egg, chick, chicken; egg, caterpillar, pupa,
butterfly; spawn, tadpole, frog; lamb, sheep. Growing into adults can include reference to
baby, toddler, child, teenager, adult.
Pupils might work scientifically by: observing, through video or first-hand observation
and measurement, how different animals, including humans, grow; asking questions
about what things animals need for survival and what humans need to stay healthy; and
suggesting ways to find answers to their questions.


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