Tens and units

This is a powerpoint that shows pictures of the tens and units equipment that you often find in school. It explains what a ten is and what a unit is, and then has some examples of how 2 digit numbers are broken down- e.g. number 33 is 3 tens and 3 units etc. The last slide is just to show the work that I had set the class to do that day- obviously this can be altered to suit your own needs. I hope this helps someone!


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    Klwilds2 months agoReport

    Just what I needed! Thank you for this :) Has saved me time.

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    DaleyO7 months agoReport

    Thanks, saved me plenty of time. Very easy for lil minds to understand!

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    Really useful to reinforce tens and units to Year 1. Thank you.

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    ness19702 years agoReport

    Really useful for my lower ability group. Thank you :)

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    PepGreen2 years agoReport

    This was very useful. I added some slides to build up to hundreds, but this saved me loads of time! Thanks for sharing!

Sep 24, 2007
May 4, 2016

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