The BIG French Quiz 2019 (KS3/KS4)

With both the KS3 and KS4 version of the BIG Quiz, each in both Target Language and English versions, here is a total of 4 different versions of the quiz, so you can adapt to every class!

Ready for the end of the year? Or looking for something engaging to start September off with?

This quiz includes 7 different rounds with a total of 35 questions, plus 5 bonus tie-breaker questions. Designed to be something fun for the end of the year, it nonetheless has educational value, teaching about French-speaking cultures and current affairs, and even sneaks in a bit of vocabulary and grammar (without ever mentioning the g word itself). One of the rounds includes links to YouTube videos, with the videos integrated into the Powerpoint. If you don’t have a version of Powerpoint that supports integrated online videos, the link for each one is given in the slide notes.

The quiz is provided in two flavours: English language (questions and most answers in English) and Target Language (all questions and answers in French), so you can pick the version that best fits your class. There is also a KS4 version available separately or as part of a bundle with this one.

The rounds are split off into sections, making it is easy to move them around or skip to a particular part if you don’t think you’ll have time to do the whole thing. The answers are given at the end of each round, so you can quickly wrap up if you find yourselves short on time.

All the images in this Powerpoint have either been created by me or carefully sourced from copyright-free or Creative Commons sources. Some slides are interactive and, as well as including videos and animation, have different images that will appear depending on which answer you select, to provide the pupils a clue.

Please check the notes section for each slide as useful information is provided there for you.

Sample questions (in English) for each round (all are multiple choice):

Round 1: Y’a pas photo !
Choose the best description for the image. (See preview images)

Round 2: La Culture et La Société
KS3: When people greet each other in France, what do they do?
KS4: You’re meeting your French boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s parents for the first time. How will you address them?

Round 3: Les Sports
KS3: Which sporting event has taken place in France for the first time this year?
KS4: Where does the Tour de France start this year?

Round 4: Le Mot Juste
KS3 :Which phrase can you use to both say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’?
KS4: Which phrase does NOT introduce an opinion?

Round 5: Chanter comme une casserole
KS3: In the new music video for Me by Taylor Swift, which famous singer is arguing with her in French? (includes video)
KS4: In the film, A Star Is Born, what famous French song does Lady Gaga sing? (includes video)

Round 6: La Meilleur Traducteur
KS3: Translate: I am 13 years old
KS4: Translate: Next year, I am going to study Spanish.

Round 7: Vous êtes au courant ?
KS3: Protestors against a tax on fuel in France have become known for wearing what item of clothing?
KS4: Which D-Day anniversary was commemorated this year?

Plus 5 more questions in the tie-breaker round!

Please let me know your thoughts. If this is well received, there may well be an updated version next year!


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Created: Jun 28, 2019

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

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