The Bush Administration’s Silent Conspiracy: Do the Ends Justify the Means? (Is Torture Justified?
The Bush Administration’s Silent Conspiracy:
Do the Ends Justify the Means? (Is Torture Justified?) Lesson Plan

Background information:
After World War II the United States took on the moral responsibility of the world, becoming a key player in the United Nations. Horrified by the Nazi concentration camps and the Nazi treatment of the Jews and other minorities, the United Nations created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; to make sure that no human would be treated inhumanly.

At yet the years passed on and the world became more complex. Alliances formed and it was often hard to tell who was a friend and who was an enemy.

The Cold War increased tensions and the United States’ foreign police responded to the fear of the American people based on a world where nuclear weapons and terrorism became common threats to world peace. September 11, 2001 brought that very fear home. It was the first time that the United States had ever been invaded by a foreign attack, making the American people to question their own security and strength as the World’s Leading Power.

As 43rd President of the United States George W. Bush responded to attack by declaring a “War on Terror”; which seemed to justify “using any means necessary” to get information from suspected terrorists. Recent disclosures have shown abuses at American run prisons in Abu Ghraib and in Guantanamo Bay Prison. Since then Americans need to ask: Does the United States still uphold the Declaration of Human Rights that was created in 1945 to protect rights of all men? or is “enhanced interrogation” (aka torture) justified to preserve our own security?

Bell Ringer:
• Conspiracy:
• Conspiracy of silence:
• Nuremberg Trials:
• Abu Ghraib:
• Guantanamo Bay Prison:
• United Nations
• UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
• 9/11
• Torture
• Enhanced Interrogation
You will be traveling throughout the world (room) looking at documents that outline the Bush Administration’s reaction to the terrorism of September 11, 2001.

You will have approximately four minutes at each poster to absorb the information presented and to respond to the questions asked at each poster in a blog format (meaning you can, and should comment on someone else’s ideas/response/question)

During these four minutes you must at some time write down notes in the chart below describing what you have read/seen in the documents, ultimately responding to the essential question of “Do the Ends Justify the Means?” (Aka is torture justified?)
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