The Circulatory System - Complete 5E Lesson Bundle
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The Circulatory System - Fully editable and Complete 5E Lesson. By purchasing this bundle you will save 45% vs. purchasing the individual components separately.

Lesson Objectives:
By the end of this 5E lesson, students will:
• Investigate, through inquiry and computer simulations, the structure and function of the circulatory system
• Be able to draw and label the structural components of the circulatory system
• Be able to describe disorders associated with the heart and blood vessels
• Explain the structural and functional differences between arteries and veins
• Connect their knowledge of the circulatory system to overall body health
• Connect the role the circulatory system to the digestive and respiratory systems

How does the 5E model facilitate learning?
• It emphasizes inquiry, critical thinking, and the process of science
• Its success is backed by countless scientific studies that demonstrate its effectiveness
• It’s built around the idea that humans construct knowledge and meaning from their learning experiences. That they build upon their prior knowledge and to be effective, learning needs to be active and allow the participants to construct new knowledge from their experiences


What's included?

Engagement Phase
- This could involve a short video with probing question or a discussion based around current events, common misconceptions, etc.
- Creates interest and excitement for your students
- Asks questions and probes their initial conceptions
- In this bundle, your students will begin by answering two inquiry questions to get them engaged in the topic

Exploration Phase
- Students use and develop creative thinking skills, make observations, record results, and make connections
- This bundle comes with a 7-station, Lab Activity where they will gain real experiences with the topic
**Note: The lab station activity requires very little preparation or materials**
- For a complete description of the lab station activity, please see below

Explanation Phase
- This is the instructional phase where concepts are presented to the students in a clear and applicable way
- Students develop understanding of the content
- Observations and experiences are discussed and critiqued
- Students develop vocabulary
- Students are able to connect the content presented to previous experiences
- The lesson comes in PowerPoint and .PDF formats. For a complete description, please see below

Elaborate Phase
- This phase involves the students completing an activity or assignment that forces them to expand their thinking and knowledge of the topic. They will propose solutions and extend their learning to new situations
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