The Day of Pentecost-Power point, lesson plan, ws

The main focus is the explore the Day of the Penetcost, looking at what it is, what happened and why it is important. A power point and lesson for the Day of Pentecost. It also has a work sheet for an activity and a differentiated work sheet for SEN students (mainly dyslexic).


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    user avatarkaybowen3 years agoReport

    I was surprised to see this rated as KS3, as it is pitched at the level of my year 2 class - to achieve a Level 2 you retell, you need to make links between story and belief for a level 3. I am just curious how children would be able to achieve higher levels of RE based on this kind of task. It is an ongoing discussion we are having, as a Catholic school RE is higher priority than in most! Thanks for giving me a starter to go on!

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    user avatarRITAPRICE4 years agoReport

    Thank you for sharing your lesson. It is really good to have these materials. I suggestion. have you thought of a way for the pupils to know the details of the event as well as the significance?

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    user avatarshamsh4 years agoReport

    Thanks for sharing. It is great to have the group of resources together and is a useful starting point which I will adapt for my class, and also add a few images.