The Heart - Electrical Control #GoogleExpeditions Lesson
This #GoogleExpeditions lesson develops students' understanding of human anatomy.

This lesson focuses on the electrical control of the heart, with students being able to identify the location of the SA/AV nodes, Purkinje fibers and bundle of His, as well as being able to describe the steps in the cardiac cycle.

Google Expeditions are immersive 360 degree photo stories designed for use in the classroom. For more see:

This is Google Expeditions Lesson is number 3 of a 4 lesson sequence. It can be used as a standalone lesson or in conjunction with others listed below.

Lesson 1: Google Expeditions: The Heart – External Structure

Lesson 2: Google Expeditions: The Heart – Internal human heart structure

Lesson 3: Google Expeditions: The Heart – Electrical control of the heart beat

Lesson 4: Google Expeditions: The Heart – Cardiovascular disease

Cover image credit: Wikipedia – Madhero88


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