The Hideout: 25-word Vocabulary Crossword—Companion Product to Bookmarks Plus!
Notes: Since the answers consist mostly of one word, a thesaurus will work better than a dictionary for solving this puzzle. Also, this crossword can be used as a prereading activity to prepare students for reading the book or as a post-reading activity.

This crossword contain 25 challenging words from THE HIDEOUT. These same 25 words are from the Words to Know list on THE HIDEOUT edition of BOOKMARKS PLUS. Use both products to reinforce meaning!

Sample clues (note that the original sentence is included):
* Shocked, Jeremy stared at the CARNAGE. (bloodshed)
* The smell of pine and cedar surrounded him while the PUNGENT scent of decomposing leaves rose from underfoot. (strong)
* ...the weapon the man held was long and OMINOUS-looking, and it was pointed straight at Jeremy. (scary)
* [Jeremy realized] that hearing about the train wreck was no SOLACE to the man... (comfort)

A fun way to learn new words and, if used as a prereading activity, a good way to prepare students for the book.

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THE HIDEOUT edition of BOOKMARKS PLUS—Handy Reading Aid!
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THE HIDEOUT: 10 Word Merge Puzzles—One “Word” Becomes Two! Two-word phrases from the story are merged into one “word.” Students decipher the phrase. Sample phrases: TWRRAECINK (train wreck); WSIOLMFOFN (Simon Wolff); LCOABGIN (log cabin). Harder than it sounds, but a good spelling workout!

THE HIDEOUT: 25-word Vocabulary Crossword—Companion product to Bookmarks Plus! Can be used as a prereading activity to help prepare students for reading the book or a post-reading activity or quiz. The 25 words in this crossword are the same ones listed in the Words to Know list on THE HIDEOUT edition of BOOKMARKS PLUS. If used together, the two products help reinforce the meanings of the 25 words! Perfect extra-credit assignment!

THE HIDEOUT: Reading-for-Detail Crossword—30 Clues! Students have fun while coming up with details from the story. A great objective test review!

THE HIDEOUT: 3 Word Searches Based on the Book! Categories: The Train Wreck; The Forest; and Clem’s. As with all word searches, these are great spelling workouts!

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