The Human Eye, parts, function

This resource worked well as a note taking lesson. Furthermore the children also explored Braille and who uses it. Parts of the human eye and their functions.


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  • Zeeomar2 months agoReport

    It is very awesome and educating is still helping me you are the best .is really a good job thanks alot

  • Awesome ppt. I never created ppt like this

  • tabitha923 months agoReport

    This was a brilliant resource in my P6/7 class- they loved the pictures which led to great discussion and the diagrams were clear and simple enough for them to draw and label too! Thanks for sharing!

  • mcrors4 months agoReport

    A very good resource. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Laur3nTeach7 months agoReport

    Great to build on for my Year 10 class - thanks!