The Interrelated dimensions of music listening / activity / revision aids
These are designed to support GCSE and gifted and talented students when learning how to respond to listening to music and talking about music using the elements (interrelated dimensions of music). They can be used across all exam boards.
This pack comprehensively covers all of the 7 areas of the interrelated dimensions of music needed with all the adaptations you need done for you. Each oft the 'dimensions' worksheets include activities which will help you to thoroughly cover the keywords and skills needed for any GCSE exam board.
Each worksheet could be laminated and re-used with white board pens to reduce the amount of time consuming photocopying. The cay be used as starter activities, for revision aids, homework tasks and can be used when teaching listening skills.
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  • elements-to-write-on.docx
  • the-elements-listening-sheet.docx
  • elements-GCSE-listening-mat.docx
  • duration-and-metre-time-signatures-keyword-fill-in.rtf
  • duration-and-metre-time-signatures-meanings-fill-in.rtf
  • duration-and-metre-time-signatures-mix-up-match-up.rtf
  • duration-and-metre-time-signatures.rtf
  • duration-keywords-fill-in.rtf
  • duration-listening-mat.rtf
  • duration-note-length-symbols-fill-in.rtf
  • duration-note-lengths-and-number-of-beats-fill-in.rtf
  • duration-number-of-beats-fill-in.rtf
  • DURATION-rhythm-creator-compound-time.docx
  • DURATION-rhythm-creator.docx
  • --ration-listening-mat.rtf
  • --RATION-rhythm-creator.docx
  • dynamics-fill-in-italian-terms.docx
  • dynamics-fill-in-meaning.docx
  • dynamics-listening-mat.docx
  • dynamics-mixed-up-match-up.docx
  • Pitch-Keywords-fill-in.rtf
  • Pitch-listening-mat.rtf
  • Pitch-meanings-fill-in.rtf
  • Pitch-mixed-up-match-up.rtf
  • PITCH-treble-clef-fill-in-letter-names.docx
  • PITCH-treble-clef-fill-in-notes.docx
  • PITCH-treble-clef-notes..docx
  • structure-fill-in-keyword.rtf
  • structure-fill-in-meaning.rtf
  • structure-listening-mat.rtf
  • structure-mixed-up-match-up.rtf
  • TEMPO-fill-in-italian-term.docx
  • TEMPO-fill-in-meaning.docx
  • TEMPO-mixed-up-match-up.docx
  • texture-fill-in-key-terms.rtf
  • texture-fill-in-meanings.rtf
  • texture-listening-mat.rtf
  • texture-mixed-up-match-up.rtf
  • Instruments-of-the-orchestra.docx

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