• Students will be shown half of a cartoon image of King John singing the Magna Carta. They will have to draw the missing part on miniature whiteboards. EG, they will need to consider why the bishops and lords look so happy. Good questionning here to establish prior knowledge.
• This will lead onto teacher background about the Magna Carta - what it was, what it meant.
• Students will learn about the process of making the Magna Carta. They will each become a baron and come up with some rules to make King John a better king. They will then share these with the other barons (students) in their county (table), before coming up with a master list of rules as a country (class).
• Students will now consider which groups in the feudal pyramid the Magna Carta most suited by looking at the terms and completing their differentiated worksheet. Extension tasks available.
• Students will now demonstrate their new knowledge by making inferences from a source image, using different skills all of which are applicable to KS3 levels.


• Three version of worksheet for considering which group benefited from the Magna Carta - one for LA (with hints), one for MA, and one for HA students.
• Each worksheet contains additional extension tasks to further thinking.
• Source analysis and inference has help sheets for students of each ability to structure their answers.


• Students to share their own version of the Magna Carta. Questionning and discussion in contrast to the real terms of the Magna Carta.
• Teacher circulation during main worksheet activity?
• Source analysis could be levelled.

This lesson ideally follows on from my Interpretations of King John lesson. Purchasable through the following link: Click Here



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