Cambridge For Kids has produced a number of audio and classroom resources aimed at children who are looking to further their knowledge in all things history, ancient history and science. Episodes are all under 10 minutes long, packed full of information that is easy for children to understand. Written and narrated by Cambridge University archaeologist Matthew John Brooks. Designed for home learning.

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T-Rex, King of Dinosaurs .The name Tyrannosaurus Rex means ‘king of the tyrant lizards’ in Greek. It stood 4m tall and 12m long and weighed as much as 9 tons. It had very powerful legs and a muscular tail, which was necessary to balance its large, heavy head and permitted it to move quickly. Studies suggest the giant could run 10 to 25 mph. The T-rex’s bite could utilize up to 13,000 pounds of pressure, which is equal to the force of a medium-sized elephant falling on top of you.

When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth:

Episode 1 – Evolution and the Origins of Life
Episode 2 – The Dinosaurs
Episode 3 – Biology, the Biggest, the Smallest and the Strangest
Episode 4 – The Discovery of Dinosaurs Existence
Episode 5 – Modern-day Study of Dinosaurs
Episode 6 – The T-Rex, King of Dinosaurs
Episode 7 – Velociraptor, the Smartest Creature to ever walk Earth?
Episode 8 – The Herbivores
Episode 9 – The Extinction
Episode 10 – Could we bring dinosaurs back?

Matthew John Brooks is a British Archaeologist with a BA (Honours) Degree in Roman Archaeology. He has previously conducted fieldwork throughout the UK on some of the largest archaeological excavations in the world most notably The Pompeii of The North. He has previously worked for the Museum of London, Oxford and Cambridge University in the Department of Archaeology as an Archaeological Researcher and Archaeological Consultant. Matt has also worked in the capacity of Environmental Archaeologist and Archaeological Wood Specialist, involving spot dating and species analysis leading to grey literature publications. He also frequently works alongside Archaeobotanists and Ecologists processing archaeological samples, artifact analysis and identification, contributing to archaeological journals.

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Cambridge For Kids has produced a number of historical audiobooks aimed at children who are looking to further their knowledge in all things history. Episodes are all under 10 minutes, packed full of information that is easy to understand for children. Written and narrated by Cambridge based archaeologist Matthew John Brooks.

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