The Tales of Beatrix Potter Guided Reading Part II

The Tales of Beatrix Potter Guided Reading Part II
This is the second of a four part series of plays including:
The Tales of
• Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle (6 speakers)
• Mr. Jeremy Fisher (6 speakers)
• Tom Kitten (8 speakers)
• Jemima Puddle-Duck (4 speakers)
• and
• The Flopsy Bunnies (6 speakers)
These five scripts are of varying lengths but take approximately five minutes each to read, with the total number of speakers at 30.
These plays are simple adaptations/conversation pieces based on Beatrix Potter’s tales, for use within the class room. They can either be used as group readers or combined to create a whole class play/assembly.
They can be used as PSHE/Citizenship and/or Literacy resources – there are many tips on behaviour both within the scripts and afterwards, in the Q & A/Discussion sections. In the case of the latter, these offer a very simple line of questioning – they are intended as a starting point for further discussion and can of course be expanded beyond this simple format.
Tale 6 The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle
Cast of 6
Tabby Kitten (Cat)
Sally Henny-penny (Speckled hen)
Cock Robin (Robin)
Mrs Tiggy-winkle
One of Beatrix Potter’s best loved characters – the adorable Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle. Accompanied here by some appreciative visitors.
Narrator: So, where’s that wonderful hedgehog! I am so looking forward to meeting her!
Lucie: (Crying) Oh no! Not another handkerchief lost! Whatever is happening to me?
Narrator: (Aside) A little absentmindedness, perhaps? Just a suggestion!
Lucie: (To Cat) Tabby Kitten! Have you seen them anywhere?
Cat: ‘Fraid not! I don’t have much use for pocket handkerchiefs! See, I have paws!
Lucie: (Sighing) Oh dear! Let’s try someone else.
(To Speckled hen) Ah Sally Henny-penny! Have you seen my handkerchiefs anywhere?
Speckled hen: (Sarcastically) What possible use would I have for a handkerchief? I have neither hands nor nose, or hadn’t you noticed?
Lucie: (Sighing) Ah well, one more try!
(To Robin) Cock Robin! Have you seen my handkerchiefs?
Robin: (Indignantly) Why would I be interested in handkerchiefs?
Narrator: Hmm, yes, sorry for stating the obvious but birds have beaks and claws – not noses and hands!
Tale 7 The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher
Cast of 6
Jeremy Fisher
Newt (Sir Isaac Newton)
Tortoise (Mr. Alderman Ptolemy)
A frog who fishes? And doesn’t like the damp? Does this character have any amphibious traits at all? Read on to find out!
Sample Text
Jeremy: Hey, this is no confused frog, I’ll have you know! It’s everybody else that is confused around here! So, what if I went out on my boat to have a bit of fun fishing? Beats sitting around in that damp house!
Trout: But frogs aren’t supposed to mind the damp. In fact, most frogs positively love it!
Jeremy: No, what I meant was

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