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Today’s students are the problem-solvers of the future. If they are taught factual knowledge only, they tend to respond with conventionally correct answers rather than exploring creative solutions. All students can learn to think critically and creatively.

Students need to be able to judge, analyse and think critically in order to participate fully in a democratic and technological society. This can be achieved if the teacher recognises the value of thinking skills and provides opportunities for the thinking processes to be modelled and developed.

This ‘Think Outside of the Box’ series provides teachers with straightforward ideas and activities to help students develop these skills.

In this pack you will find 80 quick start task cards – 4 cards per page. I have provided 3 options for printing.

These ‘quick starts’ are ideal warm-up activities for the beginning of a lesson. They should be used flexibly and can be used in any order at any time. As these task cards are intended for repeated use, I would suggest laminating them for durability.

When to use: (10-15 minutes group/class)

• at the beginning of a lesson
• during circle time


• Cover; Teacher Notes

• Brainstorm Task Cards x 8
• How Could You? Task Cards x 8
• It Won't Happen Task Cards x 8
• How Do You Do It? Task Cards x 8
• What If? Task Cards x 8
• What's The Same? Task Cards x 8
• How Many Ways? Task Cards x 8
• Recycle Task Cards x 8
• What's The Connection? Task Cards x 8
• Crazy Combinations Task Cards x 4
• Predict The Future Task Cards x 4

• TOU/Credits



Thinking Skills Surprising Shapes

Teacher's Toolkit Thinking Skills

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Created: Mar 22, 2017

Updated: Apr 20, 2017

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  • 5

    I absolutely love this resource, some great ideas and starters for developing critical thinkers. I shall be spending the morning in reprographics laminating my cards!

  • 5

    These are great for starters in class and to get conversations going. Thank you. Great activities.

  • 5

    These cards are really great, full of excellent prompts to get pupils thinking. I'm looking forward to using them and I can see them working well for early morning work or getting thinking going at the start of lessons. Thank you.

  • 5

    Extremely good value indeed - would thoroughly recommend. I love this sort of task and so do my classes!

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