Tiger who came to tea resources

I have now added the lesson plans that I created around the tiger who came to tea work I planned a session where the children found a classroom a mess of food and paw prints -who could it be? We then became detectives and created witness reports, clue lists and created shopping lists of the items we needed to replace. We then made simple bar charts to record his favourite food item. When we discovered who had eaten our food we went on to think of how the characters felt and much more. I am also willing to send on my planning if interested.


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  • Brilliant. Thank you,

  • gemma1989a month agoReport

    Thank you, these are fab! Are you able to send planning please?

  • Lovely, thank you for sharing.

  • Marsammax5 months agoReport

    Great resource, thank you.

  • Some of these were more useful than others for my 3-5's. They complimented and added to my planning ideas perfectly. I have kept the ones that are a little more advanced to see how my G.T children do with them for extended work. Thank You