One person calls out questions from the times table (on a tick grid, so you don't repeat) Players cross off the answers. Rules and instructions included. Several grids, easy to photocopy. Good as a maths starter or simply as times tables practice. Also easy to adapt for other times tables.


  • xTable Bingo 2.doc
  • xTable Bingo 3.doc
  • xTable Bingo 4.doc
  • xTable Bingo 6.doc

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25 Reviews

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    user avatar6avin7 months agoreport

    Terrific! Clear instructions for adults and children to follow. Really well laid out and a massive time saver.


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    Thanks so much for sharing. These will be really useful.

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    Thank you! Just what I needed.

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    user avatarjmood2 years agoreport

    Fantastic resources kidsl love games!

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    user avatarjceds2 years agoreport

    Very helpful and enjoyed with a difficult group.