Titanic SOW for Level 2/3 pupils(in KS3) lesson 12

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Titanic SOW for Level 2/3 pupils(in KS3) lesson This is one full lesson plan with the pp and resources (if I made them) that is part of a full scheme of work that I have uploaded. There are 18 lessons altoghter and they have all been uploaded separately. In some cases, there is only a lesson plan as I've planned it but not made all the PPs. I will add PPs as I create them. Aimed at year 7 who are below level 4 and utilises lots of Kagan practice.

  • Sea Poem worksheet.doc
  • Lesson 12 sea poem images.ppt
  • Lesson 12 Weather Sea Poems.doc
  • Sea Poem worksheet(1).doc
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Sea Poem worksheet

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Lesson 12 sea poem images

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Lesson 12 Weather Sea Poems

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Lesson plan

Sea Poem worksheet(1)

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CreatedJan 15, 2012
UpdatedDec 21, 2012
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