This is an interactive resource. Drag toys into the sorting basket then click sort to proceed to the next screen where you can sort the toys into groups and give them appropriate labels. You may specify the number of groups that you would like to sort the toys into.

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Created: Jan 4, 2010

Updated: Mar 30, 2017

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4 Reviews

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    Great Resource!

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    user avatarweenixon4 years agoreport

    Great resource but can seem to get get the labels to move to the appropriate groups??????

  • 5
    user avatarmyrtle6 years agoreport

    Excellent resource for a topic on toys, thank you!

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    user avatarminisue598 years agoreport

    A great resource. Thank you for uploading this activity - just starting a topic on Toys with my reception class - can't wait to get back from the snow closure!