Toy Story Instructions (visual literacy)

Just an idea on how to use 'Toy Story 2' to teach instructional texts in Year 2. My kids loved it. I ve attached lesson plan, a set of printable stills from the clip and a link to the website where the clip can be found (though using DVD worked better for me).


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  • Can't wait to try this to introduce instructions with my Y1 class! Thank you.

  • sarah27922 years agoReport

    Going to use this with my year 2/3/4 Class tomorrow! Amazing idea! :)

  • Going to use this with my split year 1/2 class hope it works!

  • mmlane2 years agoReport

    Fantastic resource! My class loved it.

  • Sbeardon2 years agoReport

    Thank you this is a fantastic idea, I will use it with my Year 2's :))