To spark our boys interest levels, we tried to make the poetry unit exciting and fun! They really got into the second week especially and produced fantastic writing and poems about these naughty toy boxes! Comments please :)


  • week1 poetry pattern rhyme.doc
  • week2  poetry pattern rhyme.doc

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    user avatarFringeFace2 years agoreport

    Here is the link for the poem, 'The Toys' Playtime'. Hope this helps everyone else! :)

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    Where can I find there poems please? Thanks

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    user avatargary16283 years agoreport

    Hi there,
    Do you have a link to the poems in the plan? Thank you

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    user avatarShellln3 years agoreport

    hi do you have a ink to these poems?

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    user avatarbex2724 years agoreport

    Where did you fibd tge poems? I cant find them.