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Photos and pictures of Trees and Plants in the City! - free images

The combination Nature and City is unbelievable important for daily urban life. And for the health of people and children in the big cities.
Amsterdam is a bad example concerning the quality of air. The city is rich and beautiful - the air is of poor quality. A big shame!!! Happily we have a lot of green in the city to improve this quality, as these images here will show you…
I consider all the urban green vegetation of trees, plants and flowers as Nature. I find it in city-gardens in the streets and small parks, or at playgrounds with bush é gardens on my walks through city Amsterdam.
I love the shadows of branches and leaves on the house-facades, in all seasons and in different lights of the day.
In my images I like to show it to you, in high resolution photos so you can print them well if you like…

You can use the pictures freely: print, watch or collage them and enjoy! - Fons Heijnsbroek


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