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Phase 3 Tricky Words. This is one of a set of interactive resources (all phases are freely available). You can reach it by clicking the weblink to the right of this page to launch it.
It is a drag and drop activity to improve tricky word recognition. Use easy mode to enable simple word to word matching. Drag the word onto the vehicle. Use the harder mode to really focus on reading, listening to the word and searching for it in the list before dragging.

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CreatedMay 14, 2010
UpdatedSep 2, 2015

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    Great for practising tricky key words on the class computer.

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    user avatarTESiboard7 years agoReport

    A TES iboard activity. This activity is part of the the growing TES iboard collection. The activities launch directly from the link above but will not download onto your hard drive or memory stick.
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