Tutor time: 1 yr
September 2018-July 2019! In this price you will get a WHOLE YEAR of Tutor Time resources (for 2018) as they are released on a monthly basis. NOVEMBER JUST ADDED!!

New Year : The Tutor Time 2018 Bundle

The first instalment is the MARCH RESOURCE NOW ADDED. It includes...

This Tutor Time resource is FULLY INTERACTIVE. It also contains music and timers

It contains a range of different tasks that can be completed during Tutor Time. If this is used throughout the school, it is designed to be cascaded through lessons throughout the week.

The PPT contains 116 slides (inclusive of printable pages) . Included in these slides are:

 Key dates for the month of MARCH,

 Word of the Week (x5)

 Literacy Task for the Week- 2 separate tasks for each week (10 in total)

 Numeracy Task For the week 2 separate tasks for each week (10 in total)

 Debate topic (5 debate questions, each based on the word for the week).

This is useful for instilling literacy and numeracy maintaining continuity throughout the school.

You can either print off the word of the week placemat and laminate it and then, each week, stick a different word on it. This also comes with our 60 second Bubble countdown timer, for use with literacy and numeracy activities.

NB The other Tutor Time resources for each month of 2018 will also include similar tasks and be added to this resource.

We hope that you enjoy this growing bundle!

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