Unit 4 Edexcel A2 Drama and Theatre Studies

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Brief outline of a proposed scheme of work to cover Unit 4 of the new Edexcel A2 Drama and Theatre Studies- Woyzeck. I have not taught this scheme yet but it is based on my approach to the old Unit 6 Trojan Women. First few lessons have worked well and I am confident it should be effective in preparing the students for the exam. Hope it's useful!

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CreatedJan 3, 2010
UpdatedFeb 3, 2015

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    user avatarsarahlo9 months agoReport

    Thank you this has really helped me to structure my lessons.

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    Thank you so much! this is amazing!

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    user avatarkeith_burt3 years agoReport

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    user avatarElfinew4 years agoReport

    Hey, this looks great! I am eternally grateful.

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    I have just come across this SOW. I am an NQT that has just started a new post halfway through this unit. This SOW is fantastic and will definitely be using it ne year when I take my new year 12 class through to year 13. However, I have picked up my current year 13 class halfway through this nit and am worried about prepping them for their exam when I don't know what explorative/interpretation work they have yet done. Over the next 2 weeks they will be leading individual workshops...directing others in a scene/leading their interpretation, but after that I need to go straight in and go through the papers and how to structure/answer etc. This is the first time I have taught edexcel and I am also worried about going in when I am unsure as to what explorative work they have done. I would appreciate any help/advice you could offer. Thank you!!! : )

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