US History: The Founding of America through the Civil War: HUGE LOT OF RESOURCES
This packet contains a large amount of worksheets, short readings, lessons, PowerPoint’s and Trivia Games for an American History class from the Founding of America through the Civil War.

Here is what is in the packet:

1. Pocahontas Saves John Smith Primary Source Letter Activity (4 Pages)
2. US History 13 Colonies Trivia Game
3. American Revolution Boston Massacre Create Song or Jingle (5 Pages)
4. American Revolution Jeopardy Trivia Game
5. American Revolution Puppet Show: Sugar Act, Tea Act, Stamp Act, and more with Rubric, lesson plan, outline for play and parent letter
6. Boston Massacre 5 Paragraph Essay: Primary Source activity (6 pages)
7. Boston Massacre Mock Trial Activity (14 Pages)
8. Boston Massacre Lesson with questions (3 Pages)
9. Boston Massacre PowerPoint Presentation: Propaganda in the Picture
10. John Adams Independence Day: Primary Source with follow up questions
11. Lexington Mock Trial (15 Pages)
12. Liberty Pole Project (6 Pages)
13. Paul Revere Poem 3 lessons
14. Stamp Act Activity with Primary Sources and Questions
15. US History American Revolution Tableau Skit 5 Different Lessons
16. US History Declaration of Independence July 4th Tableau Skit
17. Valley Forge 5 Paragraph Essay
18. Bill of Rights Writing Unit 6 lessons (30 pages)
19. Bill of Rights Packet
20. Bill of Rights Tableau Skit Activity
21. Bill of Rights Trivia Game
22. Constitution And Bill of Rights Worksheet Packet (18 pages)
23. Constitution Study Guide (14 Pages)
24. Cherokee Removal Essay
25. Frederick Douglas The Hypocrisy of American Slavery 1852 Lesson
26. Industrial Revolution Jeopardy Trivia Game Fun Stuff
27. Industrial Revolution Morse Code
28. Jefferson Trivia Game
29. Mexican American War Essay activity
30. Missouri Compromise: Jefferson’s prediction of Civil War to come
31. Monroe Doctrine
32. Star Spangled Banner Summary Activity
33. The War of 1812 This is a 7 lesson unit (11 pages)
34. War 1812 essay
35. War of 1812 Puppet Show
36. Civil War New Technologies: Several short articles with questions about Civil War Technology and a writing activity. Answer Keys included (13 Pages)
37. Civil War Trivia Game
38. Civil War Review Game
39. Emancipation Proclamation: Short article with questions
40. Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln with follow up questions.
41. How the North won the Civil War: Worksheets
42. Five Themes of Geography Lesson
43. 5 Themes of Geography Trivia Game
44. Current Events several different lessons
45. History Space: Use with any historical character.
46. Land Forms Trivia Game
Hundreds of pages of Lessons, Games and Activities!
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