Here is a PowerPoint on the use of commas for clauses. It got me an outstanding but does need tweaking slightly e.g. take the part out about phrases!


  • Comma - RAAS Lesson.ppt
  • Commas for Extra Detail.doc

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    user avatarnadegemartin3 months agoreport


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    user avatarmairead288 months agoreport

    This is fantastic thanks for the help!

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    Useful for a lesson on 'drop in' clauses.
    The comma splice in example 4 needs tweaking: 'This is the main sentence, it makes sense on its own.'
    This clearly highlights the problem of commas : they are annoyingly tricky, even for adults!

    • user avatarjbdevonReply from Authora year ago

      It would have been nice for you to message me before writing this. It is people like you that make others refuse to share resources and ideas. As for your use of the term "drop in" I do hope you are giving it its tehcinal name when you teach!

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    Fantastic, thank you so much.

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    user avatarhjtgoat2 years agoreport