VCOP Display Traditional Tales

Pictures, statements and VCOP slips for a display based on traditional tales. The Count will need printing and then trimming round the picture before mounting - I couldn’t get rid of the back


ground. These pics were downloaded from the internet so I don’t know if there are any copyright issues. If anyone wants to improve them, please feel free! Other topics covered: Classroom Display; Wall displays


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  • rowenna2 years agoReport

    These are fab! Thank you so much!

  • nicnaks063 years agoReport

    amazing resource!!..thank you so much for sharing will be great on the working wall during traditional tales unit next term :)

  • etes808246 years agoReport

    original. This is a lovely idea and will look great on the wall. Thank you.

  • Great for a display. I really like these - thanks for sharing.

  • Great idea and graphics. This will look fantastic as a wall display - thank you