VCOP Superhero display - bassed on Ilovemarmite's resources

These resources are based on the fab characters that ilovemarmite put in the resource bank. I have tweaked some things, and have made new pyramids with the characters on, as well as word falshcards for the wall which also have the characters on.


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  • MrsMc20122 years agoReport

    Very useful - thanks for sharing!

  • fliss27 years agoReport

    Superhero resources. Just great resources for me to use next term. Was wondering how to re vitalise VCOP display and now I know! Many thanks!!

  • so gutted i can not open these :(. do you have these resources in any other format than publisher? again I cant open these lik the other people, would love to see them tho!! thanks

  • tace7 years agoReport

    Missing pictures. Are the pictures of the characters still available? I cant seem to find them!

  • DOPEY77 years agoReport

    can't open them. I got so excited when I heard about these resources, can't wait to use them but unfortunately Publisher is not letting me open it. Do you have these on Word?