Victorians Unit of Work KS3 Fiction, Non-Fiction & Poetry Getting Ready for 2017 GCSE

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This gorgeously illustrated Unit prepares students for changes to the GCSE for 2017, including Victorian period fiction, non-fiction and poetry extracts sensitively abridged to lower the reading age to 12-13 so that KS3 students can access and enjoy these fascinating literary heritage texts.
The arrangement of texts includes study by topic: character, place, plus major themes of the period, from consumer culture, colonialism, the god-like narrator, science fiction and fantasy. It includes major poems, simplified. The unit sets literature in its period.
Some texts are trickier than others.
There are two versions of the workbook: one with plenty of white space notes; the other is closer, so there are fewer pages to photocopy.
The set includes:Dickens, Eliot, Gaskell, Bronte, Stevenson, Wells, Morris, Kipling, Whitman, Bronte, Rossetti, Barratt Browning, Tennyson


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3 Reviews

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    user avatarhmoore03602 years agoreport

    A good anthology of Victorian fiction, however I was looking for Non-Fiction for Paper 2 which was described in the heading. Unfortunately this was not in the bundle which was very disappointing!

  • 5

    It's not exactly a scheme of work, but as an anthology goes, it's very good, especially for KS3. The slides are well laid out and easy to write on.

  • 1

    Very disappointing!