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A visual story planning sheet to help pupils with Autism Spectrum Disorders / Social Communication / Interaction difficulties to organise and plan their work for story writing . These pupils often need to learn to write to a formula in this structured way , before they can move on to being more independent writers . Sheet can be used independently , with a good peer role model , or with an adult , depending on puil’s level of functioning . Please use , rate , and give feedback , so we can continue to improve our service for these pupils !

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CreatedOct 16, 2007
UpdatedSep 11, 2014

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    thank you. I really liked the visual elements to this plan, I think all my students will benefit from using it. Thank you!

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    user avatarrekharao847 years agoReport

    Masterpiece. An excellent piece of worksheet for students to organize their work and write a story using apt words and phrases and become writers.