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Sweet homework

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CreatedJul 13, 2011
UpdatedFeb 3, 2015

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    user avatarnoelle21033 years agoReport

    I love this resource and I know that it will work really well with my students. Thanks s much.

  • 3
    user avatarscbvale3 years agoReport

    A nice idea and certainly one that might engage learners. I agree with Helix84 - this would be even better if there was some success criteria attached to this so that students were clearer about what they are expected to produce.

  • 3
    user avatarTunbo4 years agoReport

    Thanks for sharing

  • 3
    user avatarhelix844 years agoReport

    I really like this, but it could use some form of success criteria for the pupils to refer to when it is being marked and returned. Really enjoyed using this and will definitely use it again. Thanks!

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    user avatarJusi_Colb5 years agoReport

    Interesting idea!

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