Watercolor ~ Art History ~ Major Artists & Watercolor ~ Art ~ Medium  ~ 208 slides
The author is a retired attorney and still producing artist. This is a powerpoint presentation about major vanguard artists who innovated and advanced the art of watercolor. This listing contains text excerpts, below. In all, there are 208 slides.
Charles Burchfield
Paul Cézanne
Thomas Eakins
Childe Hassam
Winslow Homer
Edward Hopper
John Marin
Thomas Moran
John Singer Sargent
Andrew Wyeth
John James Audubon
Fidelia Bridges
Francesco Clemente
Charles Demuth
Raoul Dufy
Eric Fischl
George Harvey
Vasily Kandinsky
Anselm Kiefer
Paul Klee
John La Farge
Georgia O’Keeffe
Joseph Raffael
William Trost Richards
Gerhard Richter
Egon Schiele
Paul Signac

*Watercolor Permanence*
~ Modern watercolor paints now compare favorably with oil and acrylic as durable and colorful media.
~ This was not true in the past which led watercolor paintings to be valued far less than other media because of a limited life span.
~ Unfortunately, the use of petroleum-derived aniline dyes and pigments compounded from them led to durability problems in the past. ~ This caused a negative curatorial evaluation of watercolors.
~ Watercolors are no longer made with this material. Modern chemistry has made it possible to use archival materials in watercolor paintings.
~ Varnishing or using an archival fixative plus archival framing also counters a permanence problem.

*Major Painters Used Watercolors*
~ Watercolor painting became popular in the United States during the 19th century
~ Late-19th-century American exponents of the medium included Thomas Moran, Thomas Eakins, John Singer Sargent, Childe Hassam, and, above all, Winslow Homer.
~ The American Society of Painters in Watercolor (now the American Watercolor Society) was founded in 1866.
~ Watercolor was less popular in Continental Europe during the 19th century than it was in America.
~ Two major French artists who nevertheless forged ahead with it were Paul Signac and Paul Cézanne.
~ Signac was an avid sailor and painted many maritime watercolors. Cézanne made major innovations with watercolors into modernism.
~ This presentation focuses on major artists who also painted in watercolor in America and continental Europe.
~ UK watercolour is a vast subject which needs its own presentation.
~ Part I focuses on major artists who were freely identified with watercolor and let their process with it be known.
~ Part II focuses on other major artists who also used watercolors.
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