What Country is This on Google Earth? ** VALUE BUNDLE**

Three packs of the popular map activity for the price of two.

These packs of printable maps each has a series of maps with a simple clue for each one that students use to determine what US State or Country is outlined on the sheet. Best used with Google Earth.

The clue might be a longitude or latitude, a key city, or a geographical feature.

The task is simple, but the activity is challenging. And some maps involve a bit of problem solving by the student.

Students can also use the shape of the US State or country to help in working out the name.

A great source I used to make these worksheets was http://www.amcharts.com/svg-maps/. Here you can download the outline of the maps and import them into Illustrator and move states around or whatever you might like to do for your own worksheets.

The worksheets have an answer key at the end. There are more than 50 maps in all.

Great for teaching about longitude and latitude.

I use these packs in the library when I'm showing students around Google Earth.

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What Country Is This?

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Created: Jul 1, 2016

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