Where our fruit and vegetables come from

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After some confusion about potatoes growing on trees i decided to make a powerpoint of where the children’s favourite fruits and vegetables came from! We had some fantastic discussions about the fruits and vegetables and i left it for the children to look at independently after the whole class session as well. From this I got some fantastic group observations!

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Where does our fruit and vegetables come from

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CreatedMar 15, 2011
UpdatedJan 8, 2014

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    user avatarLcarr8010 months agoReport

    Excellent for our rainbows aged 5-7 very helpful and colourful powerpoint

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    This is really useful, thankyou!

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    user avatarhattii3 years agoReport

    Thank you, this is really helpful.

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    user avatarval ball4 years agoReport

    Fabulous resource _ thank you

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    user avatarJoscelynH4 years agoReport

    Just what I wanted - thank you! We will make a salad to go with this as part of our DT unit on healthy eating :)!