Wider Listening has assumed an increased importance in the new Edexcel GCSE Music Specification, with students required to listening to repertoire that is related to each of the set works and mention this in their Section B essays in the exam to access the top marks.

To support this, I've launched #WiderListeningWednesday on Twitter and Facebook, with a different wider listening piece that's related to one of the Edexcel Set Works posted each Wednesday at 9.30 am. This wider listening diary is the perfect accompaniment to these weekly posts, as it will ensure your students engage regularly in listening outside of lessons and provide a useful record for revision, without the task become arduous and time consuming.

Two versions of this product are included:
– The worksheet version contains two weeks worth of diary entries and provides space for students to log the name of the piece, the composer, the year, and the area of study the piece relates to. In addition, they are asked to list three similarities and 3 differences between the wider listening piece and a set work they have studied to encourage their comparison skills – the space for this comparison is deliberately small to ensure that the points made are kept concise.
– The second version comes in the form of a full colour A5 booklet that can be printed for students which provides space for 53 diary entries in one place. For best results this should be printed commercially. Two versions of this booklet are included, one for in-house printing, and a second for commercial printing with all of the necessary crop marks included. Please consult the attached guidance for commercial printing to ensure your printed product appears correctly.
– For ease, a handy printing guide has been included to guide you through in-house printing and some recommended print specifications, if you choose to let a professional print company handle your printing.

You can follow #WiderListeningWednesday on Twitter @SeanYoung_Music and Facebook @SeanYoungMusicEd!

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  • Wider-Listening-Diary (For In-house Printing).pdf
  • Wider-Listening-Diary-(Commercial-Print-Version).pdf
  • Listening Diary (Worksheet Version).pdf
  • A Guide to Printing Your Resource.pdf

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    user avatardmusich3 days agoreport

    Good resource

    • user avatarSeanYoung_MusicReply from Author2 days ago

      Thanks for your feedback, I’m glad to hear that you think this is a good resource. If you have any suggestions or improvements that you think could be made to make this a 5-star resource, please do let me know as I’m always looking to make resources as good as possible!

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    user avatarJcharlerya month agoreport

    Your resources are legendary. Very well put together. Do you a worksheet pack for Defying Gravity? can't seem to find it on your page

    • user avatarSeanYoung_MusicReply from Authora month ago

      Thank you so much! Don't have a worksheet pack for Defying Gravity just yet, I'm afraid. I am working through all of the set works gradually so stay tuned, it is in the pipeline! Afro Celt Sound System will be finished soon.

    • user avatarSeanYoung_MusicReply from Authora month ago

      Hi, thanks for taking the time to leave a rating! I hope you enjoy following #WiderListeningWednesday!

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    Another excellent resource. Thanks very much!

    • user avatarSeanYoung_MusicReply from Authora month ago

      Hi, thanks for taking the time to leave a review! I hope you enjoy using this resource and following #WiderListeningWednesday!

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    user avatarjmanwaring2 months agoreport

    • user avatarSeanYoung_MusicReply from Author2 months ago

      Hi, thanks for the feedback! I hope you enjoy following #WiderListeningWednesday!