Winter Music Worksheets
27 Winter-themed printable activities for elementary music classes that are great for Sub Plans or Centers because they require zero prep. Most of the pages have a coloring element and will look fabulous on your bulletin board.

This set is included in my yearly bundle!

• Spinner Game Instructions
• Snowball Spinner Game - Dynamics (p, mp, mf, f)
• Snowball Spinner Game - Note Values (wn, hn, qn, qr, 8ths, 16ths)
• “Winter” Vivaldi Listening Glyph
• “Winter” Vivaldi Listening Glyph (easier version)
• Apple Cider Addition (qn, 8ths, qr, hn)
• Apple Cider Addition (above, plus flagged 8th)
• Apple Cider Addition (above, plus 16hs)
• Apple Cider Addition (above, plus flagged 16th)
• Winter Hats Color-by-Beat (flagged 8th, flagged 16th, qn, 8ths, qr,
16ths, hn, hr, dotted hn, wn, wr)
• Vocal Explorations
• Icicle Intervals
• Snowy Line Notes
• Snowy Space Notes
• Snowy Treble Notes
• Snowy Bass Notes
• Snowy Alto Notes
• Mitten Mix-Up (Curwen Hand Signs)
• Drawing Treble Notes
• Drawing Bass Notes
• Drawing Alto Notes
• Winter Words (1 or 2 sounds, cut & paste)
• Winter Rhythms (qn, 8ths)
• Winter Chant in 3
• Winter Chant in 4
• Color-By-Note (treble clef line notes)
• Color-by-Note (symbol to symbol)
• Color-by-Note (word to symbol)
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