Sort the pictures on each flower into the correct word family flower pot. The flower pots include 5 different word families for the short a, short e, and short i pictures, and four word family flower pots for the short o and short u word families. There are 9-15 flowers (pictures to sort) for each of the short vowel sounds.

Here are the words that are included in this flower-themed short vowel word family sort:
Short A (5 pots and 15 image flowers)
-at family pot: bat, bat, hat, mat, cat
-ag family pot: bag, flag, tag
-an family pot: can, fan, pan
-ap family pot: map, cap
-am family pot: ham, jam

Short E (5 pots, 10 image flowers)
-ed family pot: bed, sled
-et family pot: vet, wet, net
-en family pot: hen, ten, pen
-em family pot: gem
-eb family pot: web

Short I (5 pots, 9 image flowers)
-ig family pot: wig, pig
-ix family pot: six, mix
-ip family pot: lip
-in family pot: pin, fin, win
-id family pot: lid

Short O (4 pots, 10 image flowers)
-ot family pot: hot, pot
-op family pot: cop, mop, top
-og family pot: frog, dog, log
-ox family pot: fox, box

Short U (4 pots, 10 image flowers)
-ub family pot: sub, tub, cub
-un family pot: sun, bun
-ut family pot: hut, nut
-ug family pot: mug, bug, jug

Perfect for spring, this product can be used as a file folder center or a hands-on activity. To make it 3D and hands-on, attach the flowers to popsicle sticks or clothes pins and use mini-flower pots for each of the word flowers.


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    This was a perfect activity to send home for students to do with their families this summer for extra practice! Thank you!