Word-wheels for Maths

These word-wheels are designed as 5-minute starters for secondary students, although they might also be of use to upper primary classes. I use these maths word-wheels to help improve general maths vocabulary and I have found that they provide excellent motivation for students to learn the abbreviations, prefixes, the units of measure, and even the Greek alphabet!

When I first introduce these word-wheels, I take the time to go through some of the common (maths) abbreviations, prefixes, units of measurement, the Greek alphabet and finance terms. I often set aside a whole lesson to do this because it sets the scene for future word-wheels and other vocabulary-improving tasks. During the first lesson I will often include sixty-second memory tests where students try to learn some of the terms.
<hr>The ‘Rules’
In the PowerPoint, there are eight word-wheels each made from an anagram of a nine-letter maths word. The aim is for students to use the letters in the wheel to create as many maths words as they can (of two letters or more), and to find the nine letter word.
They can create any word used in maths including units of measure, abbreviations and prefixes. They are even allowed to spell out numbers and the letters of the Greek alphabet (if you want!). The middle letter does not have to be used, but students earn extra points when it is.
I have created these word-wheels from a database of over 1400 terms and I have included solutions which show all of the words, abbreviations, etc. that fit. Occasionally a student will create a valid word that is not on my list but which you should accept (if they can explain its connection to maths) and award the appropriate number of points.


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