A series of lessons based on the WOTH Edexcel SHP B course. I have included a student book that pupils use to fill in details of a variety of case studies they will investigate over the course. The investigations cover 'Mystery', 'Social' and 'individual' topics thus enabling them to gain the skills and ensure they cover the course content. Other investigations I have covered include family history (Jack the Rippers first victim), Local (our local Fair and map work on medieval Chertsey). I will update with revision lessons in the near future to help with the exam.


  • Intorduction to WOTH and course.ppt
  • Was Richard III an evil murderer 1.ppt
  • Was Richard III and evil murderer 2.ppt
  • Was Richard III an evil murderer 3.ppt
  • Richard III 10 mark homework.ppt
  • Richard III interpretation table.ppt
  • Richard III interpretations sheet.ppt
  • What happened to the Mary Celeste 1.ppt
  • What happened to the Mary Celeste 2.ppt
  • Social investigation Evacuation Lesson 1.ppt
  • Evacuees experiences of evacuation Lesson 2.ppt
  • Evacuation final lesson.ppt
  • Evacuation Letters and diary extract.ppt
  • Evacuation practice question.ppt
  • Evacuation source worksheet.ppt
  • Work of the Historian student booklet.doc

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    user avatardhartley256 years agoreport

    Loads of little case studies linked to the Edexcel WOTH topic. Will test key skills needed for the exam.