Worksheet: Impact did the Railways have on Britain 1840 - 1900?
This great resource has is suitable for a wide range of learners. It looks at the economic, political, social and environment impact of the Railways in Britain 1840 - 1900.

The resource contains four pages of information, facts and sources on this topic and one pages of questions and tasks that build up to an assessment essay on this topic. This is a tried and tested resource which will provide your students with a relatively easy opportunity to achieve the highest grades in blooms by demonstrating how different factors are interconnected.

The aims and objectives are:

Theme: The Transport Revolution 1750 - 1900
Know: What changes took place as a result of the railways?
Understand: What economic, political, social and environmental changes took place?
Evaluate: Which changes were the most significant?

WILF - What Am I Looking For?
Identify & Describe: The changes that took place as a result of the Railways 1750 - 1900?
Explain: The impact of the Railways on the economy, society, environment and politics in Britain?
Analyse: which changes were the most significant?
Synthesis: Analyse & Explain how the changes were interconnected?

If you like this resource you might also like my card sort and PowerPoint on this topic, which can also be bought separately or as a bundle in my TES shop. After this task, I normally get my students to write an essay or extended piece of writing explaining what the impact of the Railways on Britain 1759 - 1900, and then use it to assess to their progress grades.

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