Worksheet requiring the pupils to draw on wavelengths and amplitude, then perform some calculations for frequency and wave speed. Answer sheet included. You will need the 'One Stroke Script' font from .


  • WS - Waves and Their Properties.docx
  • WS - Waves and Their Properties MS.docx

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    really useful thanks

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    user avatarHenvig2 years agoreport

    This is a great piece of work for most classes. Thank you for sharing this.

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    really good worksheet. just adapted it a bit as my guys don't need to know time period yet. Thanks!

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    user avatarsalg735 years agoreport

    thank you - just what I needed on the day when I forget my hard drive with my resources on! Perfect!

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    user avatarsrmclernon6 years agoreport

    This is exactly what I was about to make, but you have just saved me a lot of time. Thanks, awesome worksheet.