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Another one of my 'interactive' Quizzes - this is #3!

The pattern is the same as my other ones - so TV Intros, Who Am I?, Films, Dingbats etc.

However, all of these have a focus on World Book Day - so all the questions are linked to books. You could, obviously, do this at other times though!

It's aimed to be accessible across the Key Stages - I've done it with 7s (with a number of clues!) right up to my Upper 6th English. There are rounds my younger class did much better at!!!

It should happily take up a lesson or a tutor period - the answers are included at the back.

You can pick up my other two quizzes - in the same format - here:
End of Term Quiz #1
End of Term Quiz #2

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    user avatarHolly9988a month agoreport

    This is so much fun. Thank you. Great value for money too.

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    This is great. A fun interactive activity with plenty of information. Also contains answers, so would be perfect for a substitute teacher activity if needed.

  • 5

    Really great quiz for any time of year, love the different kinds of questions, thanks!

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    user avatarKS2History2 months agoreport

    Thanks you, perfect for World Book Day! Lots of fun with different formats for each round.

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    Excellent as usual! Great value for money, thank you!