World War I: The United States Enters the War Broadcast! Examine the impact the news  Assignment
The United States Enters the War Broadcast!

Objective: Examine the impact the news of the United States entering the war had on the Allied and Central powers.
- Groups of 3
o All 3 members have to be part of the dialog
- Create a 2-3 minute BREAKING NEWS radio broadcast that helps explain to your listeners:
o Why the US entered the war after 3 years of neutrality
 Lusitania
 Unrestricted submarine warfare
 Zimmermann Note
o Portray the physiological impact the news had on the citizens and soldiers of America
 How will this help or hurt your country?
• Be dramatic!
 Think about the physical and mental impact of 3 years of fighting.

Central Powers Allied Powers
- Germany United States
- Austria-Hungary France
- Ottoman Empire United Kingdom

- Introduction
o Radio station & Names of Hosts
o Country
- Reference & short summary to three of the reasons for US involvement
- Response: Good? Bad?
- Predict the future: What will happen now to your war effort?
Presentation Requirements: You have can present your broadcast by either…
- Presenting to the class (through reading a script)
- Making an IMovie, Ivideo, audacity or any creative way
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