Welcome to the White Rose Maths Hub’s new, more detailed schemes of learning for 2017-18.
We have listened to all the feedback over the last 2 years and as a result of this, we have made some changes to our primary schemes.

The new schemes still have the as the old ones, but we have tried to provide more detailed guidance. We have worked with enthusiastic and passionate teachers from up and down the country, who are experts in their particular year group, to bring you additional guidance.

We are proud to be one of the 35 Maths Hubs around the country that have been established to improve maths outcomes for everyone. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the work of the hub. It is only with your help that we can make a difference.

We hope that you find the new schemes of learning helpful. As always, if you or your school want support with any aspect of teaching maths, we encourage you to contact your local hub.
If you have any feedback on any part of our work, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Created: Jun 20, 2017

Updated: Jun 28, 2017

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    user avatarJ.M.Powell13 hours agoreport

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    user avatarAllenCE17 hours agoreport

    Great resource but mixed age resources needed asap!

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    user avatarCf28919 hours agoreport

    Great, but any update on the mixed age resources?

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    Very useful - when will the next set of resources be released?

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    Very useful resources. I am in the same situation as other people who have commented. Do you know when the addition and subtraction units will be available for use?