WSorld War I: Essay Questions and Short answer questions
War? What is it good for?: Was the decision to enter World War I good for the United States as a whole?
UQ: What factors create change in/with global responsibility?

WCO: evaluate degrees of effectiveness supported by quantitative process

Key Concept: Systems Conflict GC: Fairness & Development


Key Concept: Change Related concept: Conflict GC: Fairness & Development

UQ: What factors create change in/with global responsibility? MYP Criteria: B 4C’s: Critical Thinking

Century Skills: Global Awareness (Reasoning)

Background information: Many factors and events led to the United States’ entry in the First World War. This along with other imperialistic actions led the United States to be a prominent nation in the 1900’s, eventually evolving into the World Super Power. Now as a superpower we are spread out all over the world, but what contributed to this rise? And was it the right decision or should we have “minded our own business”

Your Goal:

1. What is the responsibility of the united States towards other nations currently
2. What were the causes of the War? (What do you believe to be the major cause/ whom/ which country)
3. Who/ What was the cause of the war? Why do you believe this to be true
4. What were the threats (new weapons/ technology)
5. Why did the United States feel obligated to enter the War? (Do you believe this was the right decision?)
6. How did being involved in the War affect people at home? (choose different groups, government, liberties, ideologies)
7. Do you believe Woodrow Wilson’s fourteen points would have been for the World? Why or why not?
8. Evaluate the Treaty of Versailles and the affect it had on the United States and the world

The decision to enter World War I continued to pave the way for the United States to become world power.

1. Choose & investigate a human conflict in the world.

2. Describe the problem including the origins and the involved groups and their goal(s)

3. Research to discover how the problem was solved or if conflict is current what solutions have all

ready been proposed? Please list and explain these, and label them as political, social or economic.

4. Evaluate the solution(s) for potential or “real” problems which arose or may arise.

a. Who are the winners and losers?

b. Were “reconstruction” efforts to solve the problem effective, explain why or why not?

c. How does the solution compare and contrast to that of Reconstruction? It might help to

think about the political social or economic outcomes of Civil War Reconstruction.
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