My very first cross curricular planning linked to the Wild Africa topic. I've listed suggestion for activities in all areas of the curriculum. Please bear in mind this is a working document and I keep adding to it. I am going to use each of my 6 topics to put together medium term plans. Hopefuly my class will be as excited as I am. I have been inspired by the ideas already existing on the website. Thanks and enjoy!


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Created: Jun 25, 2010

Updated: Jan 8, 2013

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    Using this overview to add to the unit of work for my class (2/3). This overview provided me with some inspiration and set me on a good path to start. Thank you!

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    user avatarkhaczycki6 years agoreport

    I used some of your ideas to plan a topic on Africa and my children loved it!!! Thank you for sharing.

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    user avatarapple37 years agoreport

    Lovely ideas for books and artwork to use, thanks for sharing,

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    user avatarAJ12137 years agoreport

    Fantastic ideas. Thank you.

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    africa planning. Just sitting here debating my topic for autumn - Africa was one of my possibles - you planning chart has inspired me and now it is a definate!!!
    Thank You